Pagerer 8.x-1.4 - example page

This page is an example of pagerer's features. It runs three separate queries on the database, and renders three tables with the results. A distinct pager is associated to each of the tables, and each pager is rendered through various pagerer's styles.

First data table:

wid type timestamp
3370543 page not found 1571005608
3370544 page not found 1571005608
3370545 page not found 1571005608
3370546 page not found 1571005608
3370547 page not found 1571005608
Drupal standard 'pager' theme:
'Standard' pagerer style (mimick of Drupal's standard) in three 'display' modes: 'pages', 'items', and 'item_ranges'
'Progressive' pagerer style:
'Adaptive' pagerer style:
'Mini' pagerer style:
'Scrollpane' pagerer style:
'Slider' pagerer style:
'pagerer' core replacement theme:

Second data table:

collection name
config.entity.key_store.action uuid:1c30e2e3-922c-4360-83b7-46d1ea32a786
config.entity.key_store.action uuid:3d98410a-9a9e-42f3-931f-200ed14134f8
config.entity.key_store.action uuid:3fabb1da-3de2-4379-9b7b-50fbf5a3666b
config.entity.key_store.action uuid:443f6dd5-72fc-4603-a506-b74175d0e5d5
config.entity.key_store.action uuid:7221c736-ecd1-4141-8a3d-2ff1caf635a6
config.entity.key_store.action uuid:7b29410a-551f-4a8c-82ff-635f323acdda
config.entity.key_store.action uuid:7da6e850-083a-4639-baaa-ac81c54163da
config.entity.key_store.action uuid:7fe1b41b-e209-40b7-8e98-1b36b0a48121
config.entity.key_store.action uuid:a22039df-5168-4669-8268-e63a33e21b59
config.entity.key_store.action uuid:a9b94f83-c9b5-4710-8584-86a5c7bdafef

'Basic' pagerer style:
'Adaptive' pagerer style:
'pagerer' core replacement theme:
'pagerer' (direct call from module) theme: Note the usage of the 'tags' variables to customise labels and hover titles.

Third data table:

name path
<current> /<current>
<front> /
<nolink> /
<none> / /run-cron

'Adaptive' pagerer style:
'pagerer' core replacement theme: