Pagerer 8.x-1.5 - example page

This page is an example of pagerer's features. It runs three separate queries on the database, and renders three tables with the results. A distinct pager is associated to each of the tables, and each pager is rendered through various pagerer's styles.

First data table:

wid type timestamp
3501287 cron 1576001403
3501288 cron 1576001403
3501289 cron 1576001403
3501290 cron 1576001403
3501291 cron 1576001403
Drupal standard 'pager' theme:
'Standard' pagerer style (mimick of Drupal's standard) in three 'display' modes: 'pages', 'items', and 'item_ranges'
'Progressive' pagerer style:
'Adaptive' pagerer style:
'Mini' pagerer style:
'Scrollpane' pagerer style:
'Slider' pagerer style:
'pagerer' core replacement theme:

Second data table:

collection name
config.entity.key_store.action uuid:1c30e2e3-922c-4360-83b7-46d1ea32a786
config.entity.key_store.action uuid:3d98410a-9a9e-42f3-931f-200ed14134f8
config.entity.key_store.action uuid:3fabb1da-3de2-4379-9b7b-50fbf5a3666b
config.entity.key_store.action uuid:443f6dd5-72fc-4603-a506-b74175d0e5d5
config.entity.key_store.action uuid:7221c736-ecd1-4141-8a3d-2ff1caf635a6
config.entity.key_store.action uuid:7b29410a-551f-4a8c-82ff-635f323acdda
config.entity.key_store.action uuid:7da6e850-083a-4639-baaa-ac81c54163da
config.entity.key_store.action uuid:7fe1b41b-e209-40b7-8e98-1b36b0a48121
config.entity.key_store.action uuid:a22039df-5168-4669-8268-e63a33e21b59
config.entity.key_store.action uuid:a9b94f83-c9b5-4710-8584-86a5c7bdafef

'Basic' pagerer style:
'Adaptive' pagerer style:
'pagerer' core replacement theme:
'pagerer' (direct call from module) theme: Note the usage of the 'tags' variables to customise labels and hover titles.

Third data table:

name path
<current> /<current>
<front> /
<nolink> /
<none> / /run-cron

'Adaptive' pagerer style:
'pagerer' core replacement theme: